Smart Analytics x SAP: Supercharge your supply chain

This session will be focused on understanding the need for enabling smart analytics in the supply chain, its benefits and vision for future digital transformation.

The discussion will cover key use cases and success stories that will prove the role of ML/AI in supply chain management. We will focus on SAP and its association with Google Cloud, while discussing key solutions that can easily connect your SAP data to BigQuery and optimize your supply chain.

Meet the Speakers

Global SAP Partner Lead, Google Cloud (1)

Mike has spent all of his 20+ year career in the SAP space, with a focus on technology and architecture. Spanning a variety of roles as a consultant, partner, and even as a full-time customer practitioner, Mike has a breadth of experience across the SAP ecosystem, including early adoption of cloud technologies for SAP applications. He joined Google Cloud in early 2020, and is responsible for driving partner success and Go To Market motions, with a lens towards enabling customers’ digital transformations.

Mike lives in the Boston area, and aside from spending quality time with his wife and their two children, he enjoys cooking, outdoor activities, or a good house project.


With an overall experience of 20+ years in Retail and Manufacturing predictive analytics and as an Executive, Technology Leader, and Architect Manju has helped companies with business transformation and revolutionizes the way people do business. Manju's business transformation experience comes with the combined knowledge of the application of AI, Deep Learning, Tensorflow, Machine Learning for Enterprise and SMB with a Container-based Serverless Architecture SaaS products creation gained through a strategic partnership with Google combined with the awareness of AWS and Azure.

Time: 11:00 am (PST)

Duration: 35 min

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