Smart Analytics: A backbone of Smart Manufacturing

Regardless of industry, manufacturing leaders have enabled key technologies such as Digital Twins and AI to drive strategic innovation. Leveraging the power of these technologies represents an incredible opportunity to optimize your operations, and revamp automation for enterprises in 2021.

Pluto7 and Google Cloud leaders will share strategic information about Smart Manufacturing and how the use of Smart Analytics is helping organizations to optimize their human workforce.

Meet the Speakers


With an overall experience of 20+ years in Retail and Manufacturing predictive analytics and as an Executive, Technology Leader, and Architect Manju has helped companies with business transformation and revolutionizes the way people do business. Manju's business transformation experience comes with the combined knowledge of the application of AI, Deep Learning, Tensorflow, Machine Learning for Enterprise and SMB with a Container-based Serverless Architecture SaaS products creation gained through a strategic partnership with Google combined with the awareness of AWS and Azure.

Date: Ondemand

Time: 11:00 am (PST)

Duration: 35 min

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