Intelligent Digital Supply Chain Management Solution for your SAP data

Take command of your Supply Network Planning & Optimization with AI. Get customer-centric products to market faster and at less cost with Pluto7's SCM solutions built for SAP.

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Accelerate Digital for Future-Ready Business

Google AI Magic

Centralized Data and Improved Data Governance
Enable GCP data foundation with your custom use cases along with org enablement and change management. This can be managed by a serverless, cloud data warehouse like Google BigQuery.

Platform Solutions

Optimizing Systems and Technology
Harness the power of best-of-breed platforms. We can implement, integrate and elevate your ERP/SCM environment to boost your supply chain agility, visibility and performance.

Analytics & AI

Unlocking Valuable Insights
and Enabling Visibility
Achieve unprecedented supply chain visibility by putting your data to work. Let us help you leverage analytics and AI so you can predict and quickly respond to change.


Everything Connected

Integrating and Connecting Anything
Realize the incredible power of a connected supply chain. We can connect and integrate your disparate systems, platforms, devices, apps, data, networks and cloud technologies.

Change Happens,
Now your Supply Chain
can Thrive on It.

Be more agile, more connected and more
resilient – with greater visibility and insight.

Get connected and thrive across every touchpoint

Smart Manufacturing

Accelerate time-to-market with automation and efficiency.

Digital Logistics

Improve logistics with AI and more visibility and automation.

Integrated Planning

Optimize planning and enhance visibility and decisions.


Smart Procurement

Simplify procurement and payment with digital and analytics.

Empower Business Technologies



As per Gartner's view of Digital Foundation: Platform enablement will become integral part of large Enterprise Teams.

Extending the Power of SAP Data

Systems that take innovation to the next level

SAP S/4HANA provides the digital core that allows companies to run end-to-end processes live and gain greater understanding of the business. By integrating other solutions from Pluto7 and SAP, companies can take innovation to the next level.

Data Science Platform - Planning in a Box2

Biggest Pain Points in Supply Chain

Paint Point #1

Lacking agility to respond to customer needs

Pain Point #2

Businesses not getting actionable analytics from their Data

Pain Point #3

Not seeing tangible ROI with Data lake

Pain Point #4

Failing to enable the connected supply chain

Pluto7 Solutions

Pluto7 is a solution company focused on leveraging the power of Google Cloud (GCP) technology to drive innovation across the Supply chain industry. We have innovative solutions that can help accelerate your manufacturing digitisation or next-gen manufacturing roadmaps (Manufacturing 4.0). With Pluto7 comes truly unique capabilities for helping businesses leverage machine learning, artificial intelligence, and analytics on Google Cloud. With our Data and Analytics award winning depth in Google Cloud combined with ML Specialization and domain we provide unique innovative services and solutions.

Planning in a Box (PIAB)

Planning in a Box is Pluto7’s ML solution that helps to bring end-to-end visibility to supply chain, accessing to real-time planning and collaboration with all the stakeholders involved. It can scale to any volume with the power of Google Cloud and can be accessed anywhere.

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Demand Planning

Leverage AI to manage complex & unpredictable fluctuations in demand volumes. Our Demand ML solution is built to help enterprises forecast with high accuracy while increasing productivity and ROI.

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Other Solution Bundle Components

Supply Planning

Reduce inventory excess costs to accelerate product flows, optimizing the inventory and supply balance. Improve timely shipments to optimize your logistics and delivery processes by ensuring the right stock at the right location. Avoid inventory shortages appropriate inventory management and planning.

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Inventory Planning

Inventory ML leverages AI to define the status of the inventory regardless of your warehouse location. It shows whether the inventory at a particular warehouse is accurate or not. Supply chain teams can predict supply quantities and manage stock more efficiently. Inventory ML offers geo spatial visualization and can be used by any company who manages inventory from multiple warehouses. 

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Logistics Management

Pluto7 Logistics ML can replace clerical labor using Google Cloud AI to extract insights from unstructured Logistics Invoice data, Logistics ML is able to execute AI solutions to input data on behalf of humans, and this can be integrated into client’s existing business applications and IT systems. Warehouse packing operations today are finding themselves in the middle of a complex optimization problem. Logistics ML is able to improve decision making of packaging optimization of each SKU based on product attributes.

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Preventive Maintenance

This solution provides predictive capability to forecast failure and determine the remaining useful life of an equipment. Current prescriptive rule based solutions are unable to maximize equipment capacity. This solution focuses on identifying patterns in both sensor and yield data that indicate changes in equipment condition. It leverages machine learning and predictive analytics to determine the remaining value of assets and accurately predict when a manufacturing plant machine, component or part is likely to fail, and thus needs to be replaced.

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Value Chain

Intelligently connect unrelated functions of business, right from procurement, production, marketing to after-sales services. Your business functions would no more work in silos. With this solution, you will get a clear understanding of what customer needs, how they feel about your other products and when they will be ready to make the purchase. All this even before the product is manufactured.

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Supplier Planning

Supplier Planning empowers your supplier relationships with machine learning and ensures your suppliers deliver value to your business.

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Pricing ML is a Machine Learning solution built to forecast the selling price of a product. It helps you maintain the right price of the product by analyzing your previous sales and profit data. Applying Smart Analytics and ML to identify the right pricing strategy will have a direct impact on your revenue and operations. We help you harness the power of your data to re-imagine pricing

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Sales ML helps ensure the overall sales success and ongoing renewals of your current customer base. It unleashes the power of your pipeline data and sales data to increase customer retention.

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Marketing ML ™simplifies your data analytics process and help you integrate your marketing data to get more valuable insights, faster. Marketing ML™ lets you deploy scalable AI-driven omni channel solutions for dynamic segmentation, product recommendation, LTV prediction, campaign optimization, and much more.

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Sentiment ML leverages AI to quickly analyze your customers’ reviews, ratings, and comments posted across your online channels. It empowers companies to create unique customer experiences and build products that customers love

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Data Science Platform Enablement


Increase business flexibility by putting enterprise-trusted data to work quickly and support data-driven business objectives with easier deployment of ML models.

  1. Launch highly optimized ML models faster supply chain decisions
  2. Get better results by working with all your supply chain and customer experience data
  3. Bridge the gap between your plans vs actual aligning with the reality

Centralized Data

Centralization of data sources ensures that each division of your organization is granted the access to the common source of all trusted data.This centralization can be managed by a serverless, cloud data warehouse like Google BigQuery that broadly scales to handle all workloads without requiring a development team to maintain the underlying infrastructure resulting in increased productivity, optimized collaboration and focused decision-making. Listed below are a few benefits that centralized data offer your organization:

  1. Eliminate Data Silos
  2. Ensure Clean Data
  3. Improve Data Governance
  4. Optimize Analytics
Centralized Data

Pluto7 Solution Bundle Components

GCP Marketplace Solutions

Enable GCP data foundation with one or more use cases of business priority with expandability with 15+ point solutions

Data Science Platform Enablement

Enable GCP data foundation for customer custom use cases solutions along with organization enablement and change management

Centralized Data

Build your Data Lake of Marketing Data, Sales Data and Supply Chain Data in Google BigQuery to understand your customer experience

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Ready to Deploy ML Models on GCP Marketplace

Pluto7 and Google Cloud Platform

Budget Friendly Monthly Setup Cost

Build your Data Lake of Marketing Data, Sales Data and Supply Chain Data in Google BigQuery to understand your customer experience

Solution Initial Deployments

Use this bundle to deploy an initial small-medium sized data mart for the 15+ Supply Chain and Customer Experience Solutions

GCP Reselling and Google Workspace Reselling

Optional GCP or Google Workspace Reselling

Monthly Support Maintenance & License

Ongoing Monthly Support and Maintenance of Cloud environment along with the deployed solution E.g. Billing, Consumption, Security Monitoring, Annual Contract Needed


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Control Tower View of Your Centralized Data

To Maintain Stability During Supply Chain Disruption

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