Take your student engagement to the next level

Thanks to technological advancement, online learning is part of many institutions now.

Higher education has been disrupted in a way that’s never happened in history, and schools are scrambling to online education to keep students on track with their education goals and maintain operations of their institutions. Key challenges schools are facing today center on student sentiment to determine how they are feeling about their education in this online delivery mode and keeping students engaged in online classes due to some students opting to watch recorded sessions instead of attending live classes.

The technology to help solve these challenges is here and we are hosting this webinar to show you how machine learning and artificial intelligence on Google Cloud are solving these problems through things like ML driven chatbots that handle the majority of student questions so your support staff can focus on more complex requests, and live translating online lectures into students native languages to help them succeed.

Date: 03/18/2021

Duration: 1 hour

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