On-Demand Webinar

Breaking Barriers: Game-Changing Impact of Generative AI in Healthcare

Deep dive into the innovation and transformational opportunities Generative AI holds for patients, providers, and healthcare industry.


From accelerating drug discovery and clinical trials to optimizing operations and supply chain, Generative AI is transforming every aspect of the healthcare industry. 

This cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing the way healthcare providers operate, by using advanced algorithms to analyze data and generate insights that can help improve patient outcomes and drive better decision-making. With generative AI, healthcare professionals can harness the power of big data to identify trends, predict outcomes, and develop more effective treatment plans, all while reducing costs and improving efficiency. 

Join us for an exciting webinar to learn the role of data foundation in establishing robust infrastructure for AI implementation and delve into the power of generative AI in creating innovative solutions. Hosted by Pluto7 and DxTerity, this webinar will explore opportunities, strategies, and challenges of data-driven innovation and Generative AI applications.

🚀Embark on a transformative journey to explore potential of Generative AI in Healthcare

Harness the power of Data and Generative AI to:

  • accelerate research, development, and drug delivery process
  • streamline clinical trial processes
  • revolutionize diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, and patient results
  • deliver superior caregiver & patient outcome
  • reduce cost and overall operational efficiency


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Meet the Speakers

Jim Healy

Jim Healy
COO / CFO / SVP, Business Development, DxTerity

Manju Devadas

Manju Devadas
Founder and CEO, Pluto7