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Generative AI and Decision Intelligence

Enable Generative AI + Predictive AI On Your Data in 60 Minutes.

Chat with your data. Get accurate insights 10X faster with AI Data Platform, Planning in a Box. Increase productivity, speed, and efficiency. Leapfrog the competition. Enable decision intelligence into every corner of your product and operations.

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Virtual on Google Meet


October 27, 2023


10:00 AM

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Enable Decision Intelligence on Your ERP, SAP Data in 60 minutes

  • Generative AI and Predictive AI in Action: Gain insights into leveraging Predictive AI and Generative AI for efficient data interpretation and decision-making. We’ll explore how these technologies can extract useful insights from various ERP data (SAP, Salesforce, Oracle) sources and external datasets leveraging AI Data Platform, Planning in a Box.
  • Data Integration - Go from Data to AI in 60 minutes: Discover the advantages of moving away from spreadsheets and fragmented data sources to a Cortex-Enabled Data Platform (Planning in a Box). Learn how to augment your data with 250+ external datasets and Google AdTech data for more informed decision-making and hyper-personalized, cost-effective campaigns.
  • Digital Twin Integration: Implement intelligent supply chain management by integrating digital twins for real-time decision-making and risk mitigation.
  • ML & AI strategies: Propel your organization to the forefront of innovation with game-changing strategies for CIOs, CDOs, and CSCOs.
  • Evolving Omnichannel Strategies: Examine the intersection of AI, e-commerce, and brick-and-mortar strategies for a seamless, integrated Retail, CPG, and Manufacturing future.
  • Leading with Decision Intelligence Integration: Get ahead of the competition by integrating intelligence rapidly into your product and operations. We’ll illustrate how such strategies can lead to quick wins and significant advances.