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Demand and Supply

Connecting Consumer Pulse with Generative AI and Google Cloud Cortex Framework

Transform your demand sensing capabilities and unlock the full potential of your inventory with decision intelligence, fueled by Generative AI and Google Cloud Cortex Framework. Seamlessly connect data, strategic decisions, and operational efficiency to achieve unparalleled dynamic visibility. Stay one step ahead of rapid changes in the market with real-time responsiveness.



Join us to uncover how Generative AI is revolutionizing supply chains, uncover the use cases top companies are capitalizing on, and tap into the power of Google Cloud's analytics. Discover the secrets behind enduring AI projects and why some falter. Step into a future where insights fuel every decision, shaping market trends rather than just following them.

  • The Power of Generative AI: Begin your journey with an introduction to the game-changing potential of Generative AI. Understand how it equips businesses to access faster insights, react in real time to consumer trends, and ensure consistent consumer delight.
  • Applications and Impact: Explore various use cases of Generative AI across industries, illustrating its expansive reach and transformative capabilities. From demand sensing to optimizing marketing strategies, witness the versatile applications of Gen AI.
  • Data Foundation: Every AI needs the right data to thrive. Dive into the crucial role of the Google Cloud Cortex Framework. Learn why it's indispensable for ensuring Generative AI operates at its peak, merging data from platforms like SAP, Salesforce, and Oracle with over 250+ external datasets.
  • Planning in a Box - Generative AI in Action: Experience a live demonstration of Pluto7’s Decision Intelligence Platform, Planning in a Box, built on Google Cloud and tailored for Generative AI. Explore how you can transition from an initial workshop to a full-scale rollout in just 6 weeks or less. 
  • Tales of Transformation - Case Studies: Learn from real-life success stories of businesses that transitioned from being bogged down by data silos to making informed, intelligent decisions, all within a swift 6-week timeframe.
  • Interactive Q&A Session: Bring on your questions, spanning from data strategies to intricate use cases. With the world's foremost AI experts at your disposal, it's time to pick their brains and unlock the potential of AI for your business.

Dive into the future of business operations and strategies with us. This is your chance to get ahead of the curve, understand the technologies transforming the supply chain, and take your business to new heights. Register now and be a part of the change. Be there to connect the dots with Generative AI.


Meet the Speakers

Brian Jacobs-2
Brian Jacobs
Global Lead, Google Cloud

Manju Devadas
Founder and CEO, Pluto7

Tarun Kumar
Vice President - Customer Engineering
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