On Demand Webinar

Mastering the Demand Puzzle with Generative AI: How Supply Chain and Marketing Data Fit Together

Unlock the secret to a responsive and customer-focused supply chain powered by Generative AI. Discover how marketing and supply chain data can shed light on consumer patterns and preferences while offering a real-time snapshot of inventory, logistics, and production capabilities. 

This Webinar is for

Demand Planners and Forecast Analysts seeking to align supply chain strategies with real-time market demands and Generative AI.

Supply Chain Executives and Managers aiming to improve their forecast and position inventory dynamically with Generative AI.

Marketing Managers and Strategists keen on learning how marketing data can inform and optimize the supply chain process with Generative AI.

Sales Team wishing to understand how supply chain metrics could influence sales strategies with Generative AI.

Marketing and supply chain may seem like separate domains, but when their data is blended, it reveals a fascinating connection. Combining marketing insights with supply chain intelligence provides a comprehensive view of customer demand, inventory levels, and market trends. This unified approach powered by Generative AI can help optimize resource allocation, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Connect your marketing and supply chain data to unlock a smarter way to make business decisions with Generative Ai:

  • Sense Demand Accurately
  • Plan Supply Chain with Real-Time Data
  • Position Inventory Dynamically
  • Optimize Pricing Strategies
  • Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience

Explore the revolutionary benefits of merging marketing and supply chain data with industry experts Manju Devadas, CEO and founder of Pluto7 and Surya Kunju, Retail Media and Marketing Transformation Lead at Google Cloud.


Meet the Speakers

Surya Kunju
Retail Media and Marketing Transformation Lead, Google Cloud
Manjunath GDS Headshot
Manju Devadas
Founder and CEO, Pluto7